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Photographer Kyle Araujo

Kyle Correia De Araujo is a Brazilian/South African Fashion photographer based in South Africa and in Brazil and also operates internationally.

Kyle Araujo's work is mostly recognized for it's super exaggerated manipulation, avant garde creativity, high fashion photography trends, artificial scenery, vintage concepts and most of all it's very colourful experience.

Kyle became interested in photography early 2006 when he was appointed as a technical consultant for Eastman Kodak Company. After participating in many courses for Eastman Kodak Company and absorbing knowledge and experience, Kyle then decided to venture into fashion photography.


'' My aim is to is to enjoy fashion photography's crazy and fun experience and to evolve with it as well as constantly experimenting with designs. I love colours! Allot of colour brings life into everything; I really like my pictures to radiate with a bright and colourful vitality '' - Kyle Araujo

Kyle Araujo generally specializes in creative, manipulative, editorial, beauty, fashion, nightlife, documentary, campaign, advertising, model portfolios, conceptual cover art and wedding photography. His work has been published in various local and international magazines/mediums including highway billboards, galleries, videos and books throughout the world.

He speaks fluent English, fluent Spanish, entry level Portuguese and also operates globally for international bookings.




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